Managing a website includes various other procedures apart from registering a domain and linking it to a couple of websites which are uploaded on a server. Each one of them is critical and affects the user experience - both for you as the website owner and for your website visitors. As an example, a script-driven website uses a database, files are uploaded via FTP, and communication with clients is done via e-mail, although some services require particular domain records to be created. Each of these things is crucial and if any of them is hard to manage or is simply lacking from the set of services which your account comes with, the functionality of your Internet site can be reduced, not to mention that the overall control over the Internet site can be really irritating if you are unable to perform some task.

Website Manager in Cloud Website Hosting

Our cloud website hosting include a feature-rich Website Manager, that will provide you with 100 % control of each and every aspect of your web presence and you'll be able to manage everything effortlessly. Quick-access buttons will enable you to see or change the DNS records for any domain hosted within the account or the WHOIS details for a domain registered with our company, to set up a database, an FTP account or an email address, to set up a script-driven application, etc. All of these options can be managed via a quite intuitive interface, so even if this is your first web hosting account ever, you won't face any problems and will be able to do pretty much anything you want. The Website Manager features a number of help articles and video tutorials which we have prepared to make the management of your presence online so much easier.

Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Website Manager tool, offered with our semi-dedicated server packages and that is part of the Hepsia CP, gives you everything you need so that you can maintain your web presence easily and quickly. After you open the tool, you will find a list of all the domain names which are registered or hosted in the account. Clicking on each of them shall bring up a pop-up where quick-access links will enable you to do many things with only a mouse click - to check on the in depth visitor stats, to create a script application using our 1-click installer, to create a new e-mail address or to buy an SSL certificate. These are just a few options that you'll be able to access with no problem, as everything shall be available in just one place. The Website Manager is designed with a clean and user-friendly interface and it could be used both by rookies and by more tech-savvy users.